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An article was just posted on the Horror Writers Association, posing the question, "Why do you write horror?" I have often been asked this question, usually followed by "...but you seem like such a sweet girl."

I can say, for me, that I write horror and dark fantasy because I feel as though it is the one genre that can evoke all emotions. Take for example romance and/or comedy, they cannot evoke all emotions (especially dread or fear) without incorporating some element of another genre, namely horror. As a result, I feel that really good or is a challenge to accomplish. And not only do I love evoking emotion out of people, I also love a really good challenge.

Now it's your turn. Tell me why you write that stuff.

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I don't think anything I've ever written has been outright "horror", but I tend to go very dark in terms of death and shifts in emotional tone. I get the same thing, by the way. As far as people being shocked by such dark subject matter. I wrote a short comic called Death of a Hero(I won't link it without permission because it feels cheap, haha) that went over very well, but it seemed to surprise everyone who read it who knows me personally. The reasoning behind that is the story is dark and very sad. My artist even told me that he struggled through drawing the last 3 pages, and I took that as an ultimate success.

I'm typically a bright, optimistic, cheerful guy. So when people hear that I write, I think most of them immediately assume I'm doing comedy stuff. Which I do from time to time, and I try to embed it into everything I write in some small way, but full on comedies are extremely rare for me.

In my case, personally, I think it is to do with expressing different emotions. People expect comedy out of me because that's what I do in my day to day life. I'm "the funny guy" in just about every group I associate with. The guy who's always got something funny or witty(I like to think so anyway) to say. So, when I sit to write, I want to say something else. Something that I'm not so ready to sit down and say to someone else during casual conversation,  but that is very much floating around in my head.

To be master of my own darkness. Bleeding onto the page, it holds no sway over me. 

Beautifully said.  I couldn't agree more.  I have learned that many horror writers have some kind of horror in the life, whether in the past or present.  I feel that I am releasing my pains and torments each time I write something new.  To have someone like what I've written, I feel some healing...however momentary.

Very interesting question. 

I love writing horror for 2 reasons.

1) For the adrenaline rush. Love all these intense emotions that I feel as I am writing it. 

2) I love to explore what is hidden. I love  to walk in the dark write next to my characters, carefully observe what they are trying to hide and  then slowly reveal it. I think horror, when presented from a psychological standpoint, is extremely interesting. In both of my books,  Take Off Your Mask and 14 Twisted Tales To Enthrall, I emphasize on it, only in different ways. 

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Although horror is not my main writing theme, my stories always incorporate some aspects of it into the plot. (creatures, fears, ect)

That's because in my opinion horror has some of the strongest elements compared to other genres. It builds on fear, something every human has. Whether it's heights, spiders, darkness, everybody is a afraid something, and thus everyone can in some way relate to what the character is feeling. And so the reader is sucked more into the story.

Another thing is that horror (or fear) offers a very good motivation or factor that can change a character. Fear can turn a shy girl into a warrior because she snaps, or sent a school bully crying for his mother because he can't deal with being the victim of (his own) fear.

The point is that most character change because they are pushed to do so. Horror and fear are a very powerful push. That's why my stories are scattered with these elements, because they show what your character are truly made of.

I think one of the reason why those writer write horror cause they find their writing exciting and even i am not professional writer i understand those writer who writes base on their genre .well i love reading different kind of books in fact i am almost done to a christian book that i bought at http://www.sacrum.fi/

No matter what I start out to write, whether it's a love story, a children's story or a comedic piece of prose, the darkness creeps in. It's not always intentional. Say for example I begin with the premise of fairies frolicking in a rose garden. Sunshine shimmering on their incandescent wings as they dance on the cool soil. Along comes someone to prune the roses and - oops! Shimmering fairy goo stuck to the bottom of a garden sandal. I don't always mean it to happen. But it happens.

I agree the horror genre lends itself to a vast range of emotions. That's what draws me to it. Light, loving, and comedic scenes make those dark scenes deliciously darker. I get to lure you in, give you a false sense of security and then… pounce!  

No one who has ever known me ever suspected the deviousness lurking behind this apparently normal façade. I'm someone's daughter. I'm someone's wife. I work for a living. But my fascination with the macabre doesn't make me strange or abnormal. I'm very rational in my every day life. It's my imagination that's warped and twisted.

We all have dark thoughts. Those of us who like to "write this stuff" are simply bold enough to write those thoughts down; bolder still is the willingness to share them with others.

So, why do I write this stuff? My imagination is my playground. In a nutshell... it's fun.

I love to write the dark stuff too - probably too much Stephen King and Richard Laymon as a teen. 

Yes! It is one of the most essential questions for any writer.

I write horror, or to say gloomy pieces, simply because I have seen horror almost all my life under occupation. I actually write for my own freedom as I have seen the most horrifying scenes in jail; it was death of friends. I wrote of that one of the nest short stories based on real situation I lived.

However, in real life nowadays, ages after that experience I think I am a funny person making jokes all the time with my coworkers, and even "dirty" jokes sometimes. BUT .. making jokes doesn't mean you are not devastated within through internalizing the horror.

On the other hand, horror is  not the only genre I write. I wrote romance and even some "erotic" stories just for fun.

Thank you for raising the question !!

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