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When someone says "favorite monster", some of the first critters to crawl to mind are werewolves, vampires, zombies or Frankenstein.  My particular favorite is the werewolf.  But I also love the not-so-monstrous creatures like borrowers (or things involving tiny people in general) and the sometimes-quite-monstrous mermaids.  My recent favorite to write about, however, is the Wendigo, a terrible creature that begins its life as an evil spirit possessing a victim through their dreams and turning them into ravenous cannibals.  Yet there are hundreds of other frights of the night that need love and virgin sacrifices, too, but get little to no acknowledgement.  Well, here is a place to give them a stage.  Which ones are your favorites?

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I've been very focused on the not-so-publicized Woman Serial Killers. I happened access a blog dedicated to them and frankly they don't get the recognition they deserve. Women are sick and twisted creatures, from possessive lovers to baby eaters to black widows to tortuous madames. I've written several micro-fics dedicated to them and will continue to explore their untapped history. I'm also into old folklore and urban legends. My most recent story, Lost John, spotlighted The Old Hag. While these have my recent attention in the short story world (at least until my children return to school), my love is with Angels. While majority look to Angels as beautiful beings that guard and protect, and I believe this too, but I see them as frightful - to carry out all of God's commands, such as His wrath, distraction, punishment, and even death, they must be on some level monsters. My first novel focuses on them and their different orders from the Choir of Death to the Order of Guardians, from Heralds to Archangels. They're fascinating! :)

Funny, but my current-mess-that-is-my-WIP is dealing with one of my favourite monsters: faeries (or fairies, if you prefer). The one in particular I'm fascinated with is Peg Powler/Jenny Greenteeth - but any of those types that are more on the malicious side - not all sparkly and cute (sorry Tinkerbell!).

Also, another story that I want to tackle is a family one. It's the craziest thing, but I have an uncle that is rumoured to be an "Aswang" (I'm half-Filipina on my mother's side) and it's this bat/vampire creature that supposedly steals/eats babies in the night. They are normal-looking during the day, but turn into monsters when the sun goes down! I hear that when my uncle was younger, he pissed off the local witch so she cursed him forever to this form.

For being born and raised with some heavy-duty superstitious beliefs, my mother is pretty level-headed. Although, the first time I got to meet my Aswang uncle (he and his daughter came for an overnight visit), my mother quietly warned me to close my door at night "just in case". LOL

For those seeking obscure and unsung monsters, look no further than The Monstrumologist series. It doesn't rely on the standard tropes of tragic vampires or shuffling zombies to embody horror; rather, there is a strong human element to the stories, depicting how we are affected upon contact with aberrant creatures that love nothing more than to mutilate us in the most gruesome ways. In the first book, the feature creatures are Anthropophagi: carnivorous primates with their faces embedded in their chests, with fanged mouths and black eyes in either shoulder. More than a match for any sparkly vampire.  

This! Is right up my alley!! Thanks for the referral!! I'm so going to check it out ASAP! :)

Very good! Best time as well; the final book is due for release in September. Better brush up quickly! 

Ann K. Boyer said:

This! Is right up my alley!! Thanks for the referral!! I'm so going to check it out ASAP! :)
I love them all but my utmost favourite, has to be, the best, the original, what lurks inside of me...
I do the work of Clive Barker when it comes to original monsters. His books "The Great & Secret Show" and "Canal" being just two examples. Cabal was filmed as "Nightbreed" and looked fab! David Cronenberg played the biggest monster of all - a human! Let us not forget the cenobites from Hellraiser too & Doug Bradley as the amazing pinhead!
Apologies for the typos there, using Swype on a tiny Android so hard to see long sections of text. I meant "cabal" & not canal! Although I may do a story about cabal dwelling monsters.
I love the cenobites. As a matter of fact, I'm dressing up as one this Halloween! Angelique!! Love it!
That's an ambitious choice Ann. Don't get a headache! Or did you mean pre conversion? !
Oh are you doing the After Midian contest too? I'm working on that myself at the moment.

Shakes said:
Apologies for the typos there, using Swype on a tiny Android so hard to see long sections of text. I meant "cabal" & not canal! Although I may do a story about cabal dwelling monsters.
Hey Daniel, actually not at moment, first I'd heard was when you mentioned it on another post. Very best wishes for you in that. You're clearly an aficionado alongside being a great writer so that's got to carry you a long way. :-)


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