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Janette is crouched behind a red Volvo; poised ready to strike, her last strike. Her Care Bears mask hides blood encrusted scratches.  

In this town Janette will take the final soul. Six cars away, a woman crams two pumpkins into the already overloaded trunk of her car. She has her back to her daughter who sits in the seat of the shopping cart. The girl chews and spits out each bite of apple she takes. She suddenly stops to point at the pumpkins that swirl above her mother’s head like…


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Halloween Competition "Rationalization"


Word Count: 272

Your eyes open slowly. As your vision swims into focus, you realize you are back in your hotel suite. You don't remember coming back from the bar, but here you are. You realize you are sitting in one of the straight back chairs from the breakfast nook. You try to stand, but cannot. Pain shoots through your body. You see various machines in your room, all connected to you with tubes and wires. You panic.

A man is sitting near to… Continue

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Halloween Competition "Last Show"

"Last show" Word Count: 198

As the show ended, the small club erupted with applause.

The band was coated in sweat and fake blood. They headed to the bar to relax and meet their fans.

One man lurked at the back of the crowd. He was older than the typical fan. Instead of goth clothing and studded jewelry, he wore a simple black t-shirt and worn jeans. He stood alone, watching the lead singer closely. She moved through the crowd, her smile infecting… Continue

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Into Her Own

Blood, sticky and wet, ran down her legs as she ran towards her home. The feeling of the substance was foreign and a little scary. A girl her age usually didn't have to deal with this coming of age experience, yet she had, and now needed her mother to tell her what to do.

She tried to clean the blood up with her skirts wondering why there was so much of it, but it just made a bigger mess. She fell one time as she ran from the woods to her home cutting her hand on a rock, and fighting…


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Halloween Competition Entry: A Halloween Birthday Wish

Emily blew the candles out.  It was time to make a wish.  She closed her eyes and thought hard. 

"You're too old for birthday wishes," said Michael.  "They're for babies.  They never come true."

Emily thought back over her previous fifteen birthdays, all of which had taken place on Halloween.  Her brother was right but this year it would be different. …


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Halloween Competition

My Dead Friend   (249 words)


“You’re dead” I tell my friend “I went to your funeral last week”. 

“Yeah I know”. 


She looks remarkably healthy. No sign of rigor mortis or things decomposing. She sits 

at the kitchen table, tapping her fingers on the Formica top. She always hated the 

fifties look of my kitchen, reminds her of her dead grandmother.


“How is your Gran?” 


She raises her eyebrows. I feel a…


Added by Stella Turner on October 30, 2013 at 15:00 — 1 Comment

Suspected SPAM Emails

Sadly, we've had reports of Spam emails from two 99fiction.net members. Their 99fiction.net memberships have been suspended (and will be deleted). I suggest if you receive any suspected emails that they are marked as Spam and are deleted immediately . A big thanks you to the members who reported Spam in the email accounts to us. It was a massive help to us.

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Hobb's End - final edit

'Hobb's End'

By David Shakes

1179 words.…


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Vend - short horror story


By David Shakes

1174 words.…


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Ballerinas don't cry

Ballerinas don't cry

He knew what he had done was wrong. "Hush now little one,' he whispered, as he stroked her blonde curls. He scraped her wet tendrils of hair, now clumped to her moist eyelashes, with his black encrusted fingernail, leaving a dark stain of forbidden on her cheek. Her wails had turned to hiccups and then replaced with gasps that sounded like liquid being sucked in through her nose. "That's it pretty ballerina,…


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Dont try this at home

In the moments before, seconds, I feel it like a body blow. My balance is swept away like wave and then I sense its presence. Like a thing waiting for my most unsuspecting moment. It looms like the shadow of an unseen monster, huge and dark. Like a thing that wants to devour, a nemesis with tendrils and claws and teeth stretched out towards…


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Stone & Pomegranate (Halloween Competition Entry)

The train rattles steel underpinned by wooden sleepers. It sends the weary off to rest for a moment, in another place. Eve's dream startles her awake and she rubs her eyes quickly to remove it's lingering bloody torment - grotesque visions too much for a young heart. A massive engine slows as they near the cemetery gates. It's huge terminus towers and shades the carriages. Hard stone angels judge and trumpets hail as they pass, making promises of peace and…


Added by abbie foxton on October 25, 2013 at 11:31 — 1 Comment

Marriage Counseling (Halloween Competition Entry) (296 words)

“Normally, as a part of marriage counseling, it’s best if both spouses are present.”

“Frank’s here, Doctor Ling. It’s just that he’s. . . .” Rachael glanced down at her wedding ring and took a deep breath, “It’s just that he’s been dead about a year now.” Dr. Ling frowned.

“Oh?” Rachael nodded.

“Please, I’m not insane, Doctor. This is real. Frank returned almost immediately after the accident, and it was okay. At first. Devin doesn't know that I can see him, too, so…


Added by Angie_Fayre on October 22, 2013 at 9:33 — 2 Comments

Beneath (Halloween Competition Entry) (298 words)

Sam was going to be angry when he got home, but he didn't understand what it was like with the noise. That thumping, sliding, grumbling racket living in the floor dogged by day and wailed by night. Marcy couldn't take feeling its fear anymore. She had to find it.

Having crept inside her husband's office she glanced out the window. The truck was still gone. Under the rug, there were stickers about the size of bricks with weird symbols on them. They taped down a 3x3 foot square…


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Halloween Competition (2nd Entry): Harvest

"Quick, this one!" said Davy.  "Hurry up or he'll see us!"

Harry tugged frantically at the pumpkin they'd chosen, sending his hands deep into the soil to free it from the rambling vines to which it was anchored.  Davy was keeping watch, casting anxious looks back at the porch, knowing that at any minute they might be discovered by Mr Ahriman. 

Beneath them,…


Added by Steph Ellis on October 19, 2013 at 21:40 — 1 Comment

Holy Communion

Getting ready to submit this one to some micro fiction markets. Thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Holy Communion (99 words)

The boxcar was their church, a hidden place they went to beg forgiveness and take communion on Sunday. Mommy said she’d found Jesus, and showed them his license to prove it. He stared down at them from the cross, mumbling words they didn’t understand. Mommy carved six strips of eucharist, one for each of them, and arranged the holy…


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After, Life (Halloween Competition Entry)

‘Just a bit more Kenchi, just a few feet further, come on.’

It was Halloween’s Day, but Kenchi is not bothered to celebrate it like he used to. His pace quickened inside the thick misted forest. The lights failed to seep through the dense forest which made it darker than usual. Kenchi couldn’t see but that’s not stopping him.

In fact, his trepidations were growing in leaps and bound, but his feet kept moving on their own accord.

A silent tear trickled along his…


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Exorcism (Halloween Competition Entry)

“Oh Vicar, I’m so glad to see you, I’m at my wits end. Please come in.”

“You said something about an evil spirit Mrs. Watts. I’ve bought all my stuff with me for an exorcism, we’ll soon get rid of the little blighter.”

“If you could Vicar that would be wonderful. I’ve been trying to get shot of the bugger for years. At first I used to just ignore him but his wailing and moaning has got so bad recently I’m hardly sleeping.”

“So you can actually see him then Mrs. Watts,…


Added by Mike Jackson on October 15, 2013 at 17:22 — 5 Comments

Say Goodnight (A Drabble)

Say Goodnight

By Kerry G.S. Lipp

Every now and then when I’m lying in bed, my brain starts doing weird shit like asking, “What happens when you die?”

I never have an answer. Of all the things me and my brain have been through it just never seems satisfied.

“But what do you think happens?” it asks again.

“Like I told you before, how the fuck am I supposed to know?” I answer.

“But, I’m curious,”…


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Submit To Me (Halloween Contest Entry 99 words)

Submit to Me

By Kerry G.S. Lipp 

After a few months of submitting horror stories I realized just how stupid and desperate writers are, so I became a publisher.  Most writers don’t care about your reputation.  They just want to get published.  When I realized that, I quit writing and I started my own press. 

When submissions opened, I got flooded with stories.  A lot of them were good.  Creative. Nasty. Pure horror. …


Added by Kerry GiantSquid Lipp on October 14, 2013 at 21:30 — 2 Comments

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Who Do You Show Your Stories To?

Started by Daniel Hale in Sample Title. Last reply by Mary Chandler Nov 9, 2015. 3 Replies

I'm still working at the story-a-week thing, and keeping up with it so far. One thing I'm wondering is who I should show them to to get feedback. Some of these I want to put in the novel/collection…Continue

A Formatting Question-- How would you...?

Started by Angie_Fayre in Uncategorized Sep 2, 2015. 0 Replies

Okay, I know that there are about 3 instances where you'd regularly use italics in fiction: showing foreign/made-up goblidigoober words, "indicating mental thoughts" and putting stress on words being…Continue

Publishing Percentages!

Started by Naomi Rawle in Sample Title. Last reply by Gia Lee Jul 19, 2015. 3 Replies

Do you send everything you complete off for publication? What's your written/submitted ratio like? What do you consider a successful percentage? Or do you go for quality over quantity! (I mean…Continue

Tags: publication, deal, percentage

New works: published and otherwise.

Started by Zachary T. Owen in Sample Title. Last reply by Naomi Rawle Mar 27, 2015. 4 Replies

What stories/books/poems/novels have you recently completed or had published?I'll go first:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDvvPFBisAA^This…Continue

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Title Advice?

Posted by Daniel Hale on December 14, 2015 at 18:29 0 Comments

I just completed, as near as I can tell, my first book: a collection stories disguised as a novel. I do currently have a working title that I was initially happy with, BUT it may now be too obscure or inapplicable.

The title as it is now is "The Psalterdemalion." This is a combination of two of my favorite words: Psalter, which is a small book of psalms, and Tatterdemalion, which is a man dressed in multicolored rags and tatters. My thinking was that the man character, a story thief,…


A Memory Resides In Soho

Posted by Ronnie Capaldi on November 24, 2015 at 21:06 0 Comments

A Memory Resides In Soho

On the 1st August 2015 a special night had arrived for seventy-five year old Robert Harris and his seventy-two year old wife Barbara.  Robert was nattily dressed in a blue suit and Barbara looked elegant in a long flowing red and black flowery dress. They were in the heart of the…


Final Stretch for my First Project

Posted by Daniel Hale on November 16, 2015 at 2:41 0 Comments

So I've got my stories together for my first collection, and am currently working on the connecting narrative. I haven't even thought yet how I'm gonna get this published. Gotta start thinking what I need to do. 


Posted by Ronnie Capaldi on November 12, 2015 at 17:40 0 Comments


Mark stood on a sea cliff top. A wave below roared in and sprayed out a ferocious impact. Its retreat left a glistening carpet of foamy shale. To his left, a slender figured girl appeared, dressed only in a skimpy black nightie. Her blonde hair fell over her face. Scarlet lips whispered to him,…


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