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Update, Catch Up, Ding Dong Merrily!

Well hello 99Fiction!

I've not been here for a long time - too long a time - but I've made a few new resolutions recently and getting back to 99fiction has been among them.

So what's new? Well I've been buried away in my study working on the novel. And, slowly but surely, it has begun to emerge. What was once a hazy fantasy lurking like a shadowbeast in the back of my mind has now strode forward and taken on a much more recognisable form.

Working title is…


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last day of promo

Last Day Of Comedy-fantasy novel promo £.77 or $1.25 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cosmogonic-Marbles-Botolf-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B00E2SB1P4

Enjoy the read and share with fans of Sci-fi, Fantasy and surreal humour

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audio vid link

Cosmogonic Marbles on sale this week #fantasy #comedy

Audio-vid sample chapter ..


book link .. http://www.amazon.com/Cosmogonic-Marbles-Botolf-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B00E2SB1P4

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Bitter Quarrel (99 words)

Mrs. Stevens stopped at the empty four-way and surveyed left. Only left.

Aha! They were back!

Her heart skipped as she gunned into the turn. The tires squealed and the two boys glanced up, their eyes growing wide as her car roared down on them.

Both children leaped aside, narrowly escaping. But, thank God, their dog was caught mid-squat and couldn’t move. Stevens whooped as her car crunched over the animal greedily and dug furrows into her yard while…


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Worst Night Ever (98 words)

“Oh, an American! How lucky!” Lilith said over the water cooler.

“Not lucky,” Francesca scowled. “He wanted to copulate, but, oddly, wouldn’t buy me dinner first. I thought that was kinda sweet, in an old-fashioned way, so I took him home. We started out splendidly, but then he started hitting and yelling at me.”

“How awful!”

“Yeah! Then he just quit everything and I couldn’t interest him again. It was such a waste, too. He’d have made handsome babies.”…


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Snippet / On Promotion this week, Cosmogonic Marbles .99c (exc. tax)



Chromhelm Garglehammer let out a furious roar and charged down the small hill toward the gateless entrance to the city. He didn’t realise it at the…


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Now Available: Richard, Zombie King

Now available from Hammer & Anvil Books:

Richard, Zombie King…


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cover contest

Kindly Give 'Urbania' Cover a vote in this Cover contest ...

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Note on the Fridge (94 words)

Hey, Frank.  Glad you've made it home.  You forgot to check the backdoor and it was unlocked again (again, Frank).  Anyway, I've tucked Bobby already.  He’s quiet now.  Had a spill in the bathroom and cleaned up.  Just a warning, since I know you hate ammonia.  Left your wife in the living room, but I won’t forget to replace the knife in the kitchen before I leave.  'Everything to its place,' right?  Lastly, I hope this note is long enough.  I really just want time to sneak up behind you.…


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Honey, I am home! (short story)

  I sit on the couch, but I don't feel it welcoming me.   Photos everywhere of people I used to love in another lifetime. No photos of me, of course.  Makes sense. Why look at the face of the man who left you every day? 

It has been a year. More than a year actually. This is something I never did before. It shocked even me, guess I didn't know myself that well. 

My lips form her name but no sound is made. I hope she will…


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New Book!

Happy to announce that very soon, (early December) my new book will be ready and published in Amazon! 

Hint 1: It will be a single short story (a sequel may follow).

Hint 2: It will be about a wannabe writer. I will show why and how the character decided to become a writer.

Hint 3: The story will be presented  in a Bridget Jone's diary form. 

Hint 4: It will be…


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Crashed Norm (99 words)

Riki fumbled his seat belt loose and thudded to the ceiling. He could feel his heartbeat throbbing thickly in his head and half-ton limbs. Everything hurt. Commander Torres dropped down next to him, rebounding almost immediately.

Their vehicle wasn't as fortunate. Dead wires vined down around them and pooled from the dashboard like entrails. No air; no lights.

“You okay, Riki?” Torres asked. Riki forced himself up.

“I. . . I don’t know. I’m so heavy.…


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Accepting Loss (69 words)

“What did the Ouija board spell, Mrs. Tomblin?” the gypsy asked, “Could you decipher your husband’s message?”  Mrs. Tomblin’s fragile frame tightened; her jaw clenched and she nodded jerkily.

“It’s just that. . . wow,” she swallowed at words clinging thick in her throat and wiped at her eyes. It had taken her a minute, but she’d got his message: “OMFG, Tam, srsly? Still not gon argue w u bout dat.”

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Uncle Jesse's Warbox Intro

Here's the intro to the latest thing I'm working on alongside the Ebon the Waste chronicles.  Right now I've got two post-apocalyptic novellas done this year and an unrelated novel that's a mystery thriller and the first bit of this novella.

Uncle Jesse's Warbox is going to start off a new series so I'll have two running side by side.  One will be distant future post-apocalyptic sci-fi and the other will be a supernatural comedy/horror series called Calefactory.  This is the intro…


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Twitter #FF

having an off the computer night,
Twitter #FF tomorrow, anyone wants a mention just give a RT to my book link http://www.amazon.com/Cosmogonic-Marbles-Botolf-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B00E2SB1P4
thanks @writer_s_downes

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Snippet from Chapter 17 of Cosmogonic Marbles

Snippet from Chapter 17 of Cosmogonic Marbles



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The empty box just sat there, waiting to be filled.  He had tried giving it his fossil collection, his stamps, even his precious photos but none of them belonged there and he had taken them out again.  Over the years he would catch sight of that box, still sitting there in the corner of the attic amongst the other boxes all filled with who-knew-what junk from years past.  He had never been able to throw it out and for some reason neither had his…


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a good day

Personal milestone today, my first royalty payment as a novelist

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Twitter #FF

Good Folks to Follow #FF writing @writer_s_downes…


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The ‘Like’ generation – Article


A little something for you to read…


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Who Do You Show Your Stories To?

Started by Daniel Hale in Sample Title. Last reply by Mary Chandler Nov 9, 2015. 3 Replies

I'm still working at the story-a-week thing, and keeping up with it so far. One thing I'm wondering is who I should show them to to get feedback. Some of these I want to put in the novel/collection…Continue

A Formatting Question-- How would you...?

Started by Angie_Fayre in Uncategorized Sep 2, 2015. 0 Replies

Okay, I know that there are about 3 instances where you'd regularly use italics in fiction: showing foreign/made-up goblidigoober words, "indicating mental thoughts" and putting stress on words being…Continue

Publishing Percentages!

Started by Naomi Rawle in Sample Title. Last reply by Gia Lee Jul 19, 2015. 3 Replies

Do you send everything you complete off for publication? What's your written/submitted ratio like? What do you consider a successful percentage? Or do you go for quality over quantity! (I mean…Continue

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New works: published and otherwise.

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Blog Posts

Title Advice?

Posted by Daniel Hale on December 14, 2015 at 18:29 0 Comments

I just completed, as near as I can tell, my first book: a collection stories disguised as a novel. I do currently have a working title that I was initially happy with, BUT it may now be too obscure or inapplicable.

The title as it is now is "The Psalterdemalion." This is a combination of two of my favorite words: Psalter, which is a small book of psalms, and Tatterdemalion, which is a man dressed in multicolored rags and tatters. My thinking was that the man character, a story thief,…


A Memory Resides In Soho

Posted by Ronnie Capaldi on November 24, 2015 at 21:06 0 Comments

A Memory Resides In Soho

On the 1st August 2015 a special night had arrived for seventy-five year old Robert Harris and his seventy-two year old wife Barbara.  Robert was nattily dressed in a blue suit and Barbara looked elegant in a long flowing red and black flowery dress. They were in the heart of the…


Final Stretch for my First Project

Posted by Daniel Hale on November 16, 2015 at 2:41 0 Comments

So I've got my stories together for my first collection, and am currently working on the connecting narrative. I haven't even thought yet how I'm gonna get this published. Gotta start thinking what I need to do. 


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Mark stood on a sea cliff top. A wave below roared in and sprayed out a ferocious impact. Its retreat left a glistening carpet of foamy shale. To his left, a slender figured girl appeared, dressed only in a skimpy black nightie. Her blonde hair fell over her face. Scarlet lips whispered to him,…


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