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R.I.P. Terry Pratchett

In Honour of Terry Pratchett (R.I.P.)
My Top 10 Discworld Books


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Finished Books

Well folks ...that's it, a total of 300,000 words in three books over two and half years ...the Botolf Chronicles are finished

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My Last 99 Word entry

As a child, I spent my summer evenings walking the North Downs. The sun, dust and open fields. There was an over whelming feeling of a disconnect. I never felt in the world, a feeling that has permeated my life since. 

The world exists in spite of me, in-spite of us. The world without me was present before I was born, and will be after I'm gone. My after life will be the same as my life is now. It isn't contradictory, its a continuation. As I face my passing, I don't fear death, I…


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Last Day of Cosmogonic Marbles Promo

Last Day of Cosmogonic Marbles Promo £0.99 / $ 1.51

#Comedy #Fantasy novel

“Simply put, if you like your kicks on the surreal side, look no further. This title would sit comfortably with many in the Pratchett collection, and at times (usually after spilling my coffee over the sofa, sides split) was left wondering if It wasn't a hidden Adams'.” – Amazon 5 Star Review …


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To Kindle or not to Kindle? (Part 2 of 2)

So to recap from last week 

  • I murdered my first kindle on an overseas trip
  • Went on a discovery of the world according to Kobo - was impressed with the freedom offered but found their…

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Book On Sale

Cosmogonic Marbles promotional Price this week £0.99

Part I of the Botolf Chronicles #comedy #fantasy novels


kindly share

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site update

Just updated my #Wordpress site, also added My Top Ten Punk Songs #music


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Whole Chapter Free-to-Read on Wordpress

Whole Chapter Free-to-Read on Wordpress

Cosmogonic Marbles

By Steve Downes

#comedy #humour #humor #fantasy novel


Amazon Link:…


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Fifty Shades of Scarlet

OK, I finally read 50shades and felt inspired to have a go myself. 

No, not that! At writing erotica.  Anyway, I had an idea of writing an ebook of erotic shorts, each one in a different genre.  I wrote my first short story, full of sexual tension and naughtiness.

But, then I felt really embarrassed and slightly dirty for having put that kind of stuff down on paper, so I abandoned it without its climax (in both senses!).

So, now my dilemma is; I feel bad that I have left…


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New Year's Letter

I recently received an annual New Year's letter from a good friend, and it got me thinking about what people would write if they didn't have such a good year, especially since our friends seem so positive about everything. Perhaps it would go something like this:

Dear Family & Friends:

Well, we can hardly believe 2014 is behind us - what a fabulous, busy year. First, you should know that Cindy got out of the hospital much earlier than anticipated. The doctor said he'd never…


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Muhammad and Jesus: Blasphemous Thoughts !!!

Muhammad and Jesus, who’s the “liar” then?

“What a fool Musaylimah, the liar!” my cousin said laughing mockingly.

“What?” I asked knowing the whole story.

“He invented a silly quran and wanted to divert the Muslims from Islam.”

“And do you think that a man, an army commander that could lead over 40,000 fighters, and who could convince some of Muhammad’s (صلى الله عليه وسلم PBUH) friends to follow him,…


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To kindle or not to Kindle? (part 1 of 2)

I murdered my kindle about 15 months ago. There were tears or at least as many as could be shed given the circumstances.

It was brutal.

We were on a trip to Hungary, so of course I found myself with nothing to read - well in English…


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One day I was standing by the window gazing vacantly and smoking at the lunch break at work, when a colleague came and stood by me without me noticing her. I was looking out blankly and she was, probably, looking at my look, or the way I looked. Then out of sudden she asked me in a decisive and assuring tone: “Are you existentialist Sami?” I was shocked and startled for that direct unexpected question and remembered the “parties” of interrogation they held on me in the zionist…


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Xmas Books Sale

Xmas Books sale, two novels and three poetry book are .99c (not incl. tax) on all Amazon book stores, happy reading to all



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A Difficult Christmas for Many

For those with a parent or significant other with Alzheimer's, the holiday season can be an especially difficult time. With family traditions come all the reminders of loss, and as much as one wants to include the person afflicted it can't be done once they reach a certain stage in the disease's progression. If you're in the midst of coping with this, either as a caregiver, spouse, son, daughter, or other relation, I'd like to offer my deepest thanks for the help you give and my sympathies…


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The Winners of our Horror Flash 500 and November Competitions!!

A big thank you for all your terrific stories for both these competitions. It's been really difficult to pick the winners, but here goes!!

Winner Horror Flash 500 Competition - Chosen by our Members

The winner with the highest number of Likes and chosen by you is....

Then What? by…


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New Book

Now available on All Amazon Book Stores ‘DAWN AT MIDNIGHT’ a Retrospective of twenty years of published poems by Steve Downes



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Lucifer's Propeller

My day off: 

Lynda leaves to go shopping. Turn on dining room light, ceiling fan goes on high. Fiddle with remote, fan refuses to turn off. Change battery. Switch breaker off and…


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Vicious Circle

I tear towards Earth on an endless chute, terrified and bawling. Hope has launched me on my way but at some point on the frantic journey I slow to a snail’s pace, deaf to my own screams, and sluggish, black evil burns through my soul. I am all hatred. I shoot off again and moments later slide to a halt in bright, cold light. Loud voices proclaim,

“It’s a boy! A perfect baby boy!” Hands grab me, scrub my tender skin, wrap me in something scratchy and shove me into the arms of my…


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#WW twitter

Full list of folks to follow from Ireland if you’re a budding writer An Irish


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Quirky social network for writers and creators. Try our free fiction competitions. Hey!! What's the story?


Who Do You Show Your Stories To?

Started by Daniel Hale in Sample Title. Last reply by Mary Chandler Nov 9, 2015. 3 Replies

I'm still working at the story-a-week thing, and keeping up with it so far. One thing I'm wondering is who I should show them to to get feedback. Some of these I want to put in the novel/collection…Continue

A Formatting Question-- How would you...?

Started by Angie_Fayre in Uncategorized Sep 2, 2015. 0 Replies

Okay, I know that there are about 3 instances where you'd regularly use italics in fiction: showing foreign/made-up goblidigoober words, "indicating mental thoughts" and putting stress on words being…Continue

Publishing Percentages!

Started by Naomi Rawle in Sample Title. Last reply by Gia Lee Jul 19, 2015. 3 Replies

Do you send everything you complete off for publication? What's your written/submitted ratio like? What do you consider a successful percentage? Or do you go for quality over quantity! (I mean…Continue

Tags: publication, deal, percentage

New works: published and otherwise.

Started by Zachary T. Owen in Sample Title. Last reply by Naomi Rawle Mar 27, 2015. 4 Replies

What stories/books/poems/novels have you recently completed or had published?I'll go first:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDvvPFBisAA^This…Continue

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Title Advice?

Posted by Daniel Hale on December 14, 2015 at 18:29 0 Comments

I just completed, as near as I can tell, my first book: a collection stories disguised as a novel. I do currently have a working title that I was initially happy with, BUT it may now be too obscure or inapplicable.

The title as it is now is "The Psalterdemalion." This is a combination of two of my favorite words: Psalter, which is a small book of psalms, and Tatterdemalion, which is a man dressed in multicolored rags and tatters. My thinking was that the man character, a story thief,…


A Memory Resides In Soho

Posted by Ronnie Capaldi on November 24, 2015 at 21:06 0 Comments

A Memory Resides In Soho

On the 1st August 2015 a special night had arrived for seventy-five year old Robert Harris and his seventy-two year old wife Barbara.  Robert was nattily dressed in a blue suit and Barbara looked elegant in a long flowing red and black flowery dress. They were in the heart of the…


Final Stretch for my First Project

Posted by Daniel Hale on November 16, 2015 at 2:41 0 Comments

So I've got my stories together for my first collection, and am currently working on the connecting narrative. I haven't even thought yet how I'm gonna get this published. Gotta start thinking what I need to do. 


Posted by Ronnie Capaldi on November 12, 2015 at 17:40 0 Comments


Mark stood on a sea cliff top. A wave below roared in and sprayed out a ferocious impact. Its retreat left a glistening carpet of foamy shale. To his left, a slender figured girl appeared, dressed only in a skimpy black nightie. Her blonde hair fell over her face. Scarlet lips whispered to him,…


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