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Mark awoke, blinking back a light in his left eye, then his right.

"Good," a man said, cheerily, "Everything's working." Mark didn't know the man's face but felt familiarity in the coat.

"You're a doctor?" he attempted to ask, but produced no sound. "Am I okay?" he tested. Silence. The man nodded.

"I'm a doctor," he said, "Doctor Sergei Mengele—no actual relation. And you're fine. Mostly. Certainly doing better than I'd expected." Mark tried to feel reassured, but…


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It was after midnight when Michael made his way upstairs to prepare for bed. His wife had turned in earlier due to her migraines, so she was already asleep—or so he'd thought. But when he emerged from the bathroom later she was gone.

"Silvie?" he called into the hallway. A dingy light shined up from the stairwell like a yellow beacon. Sounds of smacking, dish clanging and an eerily manly nom, nom, nom echoed up like sound effects out of a cartoon. Michael scowled.



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Return of the Stone--Chap 1 (3222 words)



"Open, public, crowded with people... Did you ask to meet me here in the park so I couldn't kill you?" Nicholas Grant asked as he tossed his stress ball from hand to hand. Beth frowned and brushed snow from the bench arm next to her. 

"No," she pouted, "I just didn't want to get yelled at. And, honestly, I thought mom would have told you already." 

"So Margot knows, too?" Nick focused on the little green ball…


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A Coveter's Indignation (very old poem)

Within my hands I held a precious gift

that I neither owned nor could I return.

I stole it from a heart that dared not shift

and give in to the passions I did yearn.

I thought myself deserving of the prize

because her joy was in another's clasp.

So I stared down into dilating eyes

wide with fear as I steeled my heavy grasp.

We whispered words that'd gone too long unsaid;

I through gritted teeth and will…


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Her Vengeance (very old poem)

Hear the whirring of the grinder

as it whines against death's dull blade.

Your rushed moaning's hushed reminder,

falling feeble in the spark's cascade.

I test the sharpness to a thumb,

nodding with a satisfied air.

You sit silent as the dumb;

staring wildly, nostrils flared.

I loom in triumph, steeling fears;

pausing in innocence's light.

You tremble beneath heavy tears,

pulling restraints like day…


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Night of the First (very old poem)

On silent soles I slithered quite softly,

stalking my objective with soundless grace.

She sauntered in slack ease as I advanced,

unawares someone summed her growing pace.

I curb morals with dark motives, yearning

to steel my senses in their solid strengths.

The deed spread ill before my sanity

with my soul split stiffly in its grave lengths.

Suddenly, where I'd stood within the light,

I now settled in an alley's…


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Morning (18 words)

Loren awoke. "Oh," she sighed, and embraced the sheets more tightly around her. His side was already cold.

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A Real Dame (56 words)

Caroline attentively listened to him while they ate. She hadn't dolled up but that somehow enhanced her, complementing the timeless hourglass she'd held frozen a decade. She took up the dishes, brought him a cold one and caressed him contentedly as they lazed about the TV. How was he going to tell her about the baby?

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The Nerds and the Bees (69 words)

Greg held his breath and studied the plant's swollen, distended fruit. Again the leathery skin undulated against his palms. The first kicks of a successfully garden-grown human! He grabbed his cellphone from his lab coat, poised to dial, then winced and put it back. He was sure his girlfriend would thrill at his department's good news, but at some point she was also going to realize she'd been cloned.

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Life and Lemons (94 words)

"There is a problem, Captain," Droid-Nine said, "The suspect has swallowed the key we demanded. Inquiry: how badly do you want this key?"

"How badly?" The captain asked, "Are you stupid? We can't disarm the bomb without it. Half the city will be destroyed; thousands will die. That's how badly. Does that compute with you, Nine?"

Droid-Nine arched a brow and replied blandly, "You misunderstand my inquiry. I am stronger than the Jaws of Life, however, I cannot implement such…


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Wendall (488 words)

Kodren and a surviving cadet weaved their psychokinetic tendrils through the abandoned building. They had to find—ah! Kodren pulled the trainee's thoughts to two minds idling a floor below. One was the blind innocent—imminent collateral—with its low IQ connected to its master by a short thread of thought. The cloud that veiled it was Wendall's consciousness, a monsoon of torrential power that thundered with malice. To the cadet's credit, she didn't flinch from it.

"Not again,…


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Inner Editor and Me #2

I wish to take my love of writing seriously, and so I have been trying to think, talk and act business about it to make it so. I've also been working very hard researching ways I may get better, taking others advice and pushing my limits in order to succeed. This was what I'd written about it in my journal last week:

I am a freelance writer working to perfect my craft. I am nearly finished with my first novel, and I've been considering editors and cover artists to make my work…


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The Lord's Work (487 words)

"I should've checked," Luther muttered bitterly as he paced and eyed his cell on the bed. The angel nodded, its brilliance doubling momentarily. The cell's screen flashed again—a third missed call. Luther plucked the thing up but the angel gently caught his wrist and shook its golden head. A knock startled Luther at the door.


"Honey, a call for you," his mom said coming in. His cell disappeared behind his back; his heart pounded in his chest.




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Lunch (481 words)

"Hey, Martin, I'm home," Janette said as she dropped her keys and cellphone into a bowl by the door. She peeked into the living room and spied her husband's hair against the sofa's arm. He didn't answer. Was probably asleep, the poor guy. He'd been sick with stomach cramps and a migraine that had already kept him home-bound for the past two days. And his navel still looked weird. She'd promised herself that if it didn't look better yet, she'd call an ambulance.


She went into…


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Inner Editor and Me #1

Inner Editor (IE) and I are having fights about what directions my stories should take. Our latest convo:

Me: Sumthin's wrong w/ our story.
IE: Okay.
Me: C'mon, I need ur help!
IE: Ur right. *pulls gun* U distract it.

There's serious problems when an Inner Editor (IE) would rather hold your work at gunpoint.

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A History of Dremlad

((The story here is this: I needed a main villain for a series of short story ideas I'm working on and decided on a folktale that was known but not so overly used that I couldn't put my own spin on it.  It's not much, but I hope it's at least interesting and makes sense.  Also let me know if it feels cliche?))

Long long ago, in a place before time was measured, there lived two brothers: Sandan and Bogeyn. Sandan and Bogeyn were both given equal reign over the night land,…


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After spending the past few weeks sorting childhood spoilings in her father's house, Lisa was glad to only have the basement remain. She wasn't sure how much more bittersweet she could relive now that he was gone---so young, so suddenly. And getting the place ready to be sold was proving a nightmare in itself.

The basement was dank and mustier than she remembered, with an unsightly rust stain around the drain in the middle of the room. That would have to be painted over. Or…


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The Last Zealot

Nicholas Grant readjusted the blood-soaked rag to his head as he limped down the lonely, moonlit street. The blacktop swayed beneath him and he stumbled, nearly falling. Empty-eyed buildings of brick and concrete slumped in their decaying seats beyond neglected sidewalks, their graffitied faces as hollow and empty as their darkened hearts. Streetlights slept at their posts and did little more than catch litter floating by on absent winds. The husk of a rusted wreck idled against the sidewalk…


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Bitter Quarrel (99 words)

Mrs. Stevens stopped at the empty four-way and surveyed left. Only left.

Aha! They were back!

Her heart skipped as she gunned into the turn. The tires squealed and the two boys glanced up, their eyes growing wide as her car roared down on them.

Both children leaped aside, narrowly escaping. But, thank God, their dog was caught mid-squat and couldn’t move. Stevens whooped as her car crunched over the animal greedily and dug furrows into her yard while…


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Worst Night Ever (98 words)

“Oh, an American! How lucky!” Lilith said over the water cooler.

“Not lucky,” Francesca scowled. “He wanted to copulate, but, oddly, wouldn’t buy me dinner first. I thought that was kinda sweet, in an old-fashioned way, so I took him home. We started out splendidly, but then he started hitting and yelling at me.”

“How awful!”

“Yeah! Then he just quit everything and I couldn’t interest him again. It was such a waste, too. He’d have made handsome babies.”…


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I just completed, as near as I can tell, my first book: a collection stories disguised as a novel. I do currently have a working title that I was initially happy with, BUT it may now be too obscure or inapplicable.

The title as it is now is "The Psalterdemalion." This is a combination of two of my favorite words: Psalter, which is a small book of psalms, and Tatterdemalion, which is a man dressed in multicolored rags and tatters. My thinking was that the man character, a story thief,…


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A Memory Resides In Soho

On the 1st August 2015 a special night had arrived for seventy-five year old Robert Harris and his seventy-two year old wife Barbara.  Robert was nattily dressed in a blue suit and Barbara looked elegant in a long flowing red and black flowery dress. They were in the heart of the…


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So I've got my stories together for my first collection, and am currently working on the connecting narrative. I haven't even thought yet how I'm gonna get this published. Gotta start thinking what I need to do. 


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Mark stood on a sea cliff top. A wave below roared in and sprayed out a ferocious impact. Its retreat left a glistening carpet of foamy shale. To his left, a slender figured girl appeared, dressed only in a skimpy black nightie. Her blonde hair fell over her face. Scarlet lips whispered to him,…


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